Wednesday, August 12, 2009


When Another World Today launched in May of 2009, it was with the unprecedented intention of bringing a daytime show's fans into the official storytelling process. We began with viewer-directed polls, then, in June 2009, expanded into Role-Playing. It was the hope of TeleNext Media Inc. that AW's fans would invest in its future by actively helping to create its present.

Three months into our grand experiment, we are thrilled to report that it's been a raging success. Not only are readers voting in our weekly polls, but they have assumed numerous Bay City personalities through our role-playing game, and some have even created original multimedia to compliment it!

To read "Sally Frame's Diary" (begun when she was just a little girl about to be adopted by Alice; above) and view the poster for Cecile's upcoming movie, click here!

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schiffeg68 said...

Maybe something like this could be considered for GL as well.