Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Olivia Birkelund appears on Guiding Light as Pheobe, an old flame of Cyrus’s on Tuesday, March 11.

In addition to several Law & Order guest-shots, plus playing Julianne Moore's (ex-Frannie/Sabrina; ATWT) friend in the feature film, Far From Heaven, Birkelund is best known to daytime audiences for her role as Arlene Vaughan, Hayley's (Kelly Ripa) drunken, husband-stealing mom on All My Children. (Where the husband she stole was played by GL's former Phillip, Grant Aleksander.)

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Anonymous said... basically even the writers of the show know that Harley & Cyrus are so horrible together, so unpopular, and so without any compatibility or future prospects that not only do they feel the need to inject them into yet another triangle immediately after their abominable, unforgivable treatment of Marina to try and get the audience's mind off their being such selfish scum but not even 24 hours after Marina's been dispatched, they're already throwing an ex-lover into the mix because Harley & Cyrus don't even have enough chemistry or heat between them to melt an ice cube?

Personally I find that hilarious. By now, even Wheeler has to know what a pathetic turd this story is, as loathe as I'm sure she is to admit it, she must know. Give it up, honey, nobody's buying this one. Nobody.