Friday, March 07, 2008


Read an interview with Myrna Overstreet, who oversees P&G's branded entertainment projects as marketing manager at P&G global branded entertainment, and Pat Gentile, North America TV program manager at P&G Prods. (PGP), here.


Derek said...

Thanks for this article. Please pass on these suggestions to the PGP representatives.

1. Please think about ads in mainstream media (soap opera and entertainment publications, Reader's Digest, radio and tv clips on your existing shows) to let fans of the classic P&G soaps know about your expanding AOL holdings.

2. Please have AOL correct the problems which have resulted in whole blocks of episodes from all four shows (AW, EON, SFT and Texas) now missing. As an example, episodes 79-163 of Texas have been down for months. Some of these feature classic scenes such as Beverlee McKinsey's Iris discovering her husband Alex is still alive. On AW, the episode where Mac discovers he is not the father of Rachel's baby (4163) is no longer available either.

3. Consider having a PGP Classic Soaps presence on You Tube to house classic clips like the ones mentioned in #2. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has just launched its "Oscars" section on You Tube in which it posts favorite Oscar moments. Why not consider the same thing to post high quality clips and tie them in with your advertisers? Here's the link to the Oscars section on YT.

4. For the upcoming 10th anniversary of NBC's cancellation of Another World in 2009, why not set in motion a couple of reunion specials for original broadcast on AOL? Here are two events you could hinge reunion specials around:

i) A funeral service for the character of Russ Matthews (the late David Bailey). He was connected with practically everyone on the show at one point or another. In addition to being sister to Alice and Pat and nephew of Liz, Russ was married to Rachel and Sharlene and even engaged to Iris at one point. He was also a father figure to to Jamie Frame as the AOL episodes have reminded us. At last memory, his daughter Olivia had connected with Dennis Carrington Wheeler. Even Reena Cook Dekker on Texas knew Russ.

ii). A celebration in honor of the publication of Felicia Gallant's (Linda Dano) memoirs. In addition to Cass, the celebrations would allow you to bring back the characters of Cecile, Kathleen, Mitch Blake, Lily Mason, Dean and Jenna, Lorna, Lisa Grady and the list goes on.

For what it's worth. Thanks again for making these materials available. Those of us who have discovered the materials are trying through channels like Facebook and other Internet boards to notify other fans.

One 5th thought - Please return to the wmv format you were using at the beginning with the AOL High Quality versions. The new episodes are not as crystal clear and there are often sound problems.

Derek said...

Oops. That last posting should have described the character of Russ Matthews as Alice and Pat's brother versus "sister"! This is definitely a case of proofreading fatigue.

linda said...

i have only recently found the PGP classic soaps.I was enjoying watching the episodes of Texas which I have loved when it was on the first timeI was enjoying watching it until I reached episode 79and then they went missing until episode episode 164.I hope that you will be able to correct the problem with them before they are all taken off.If this was available on cd i would sure be happy to buy them.