Thursday, March 13, 2008

MIKE 3.0

Jon Prescott joins the cast of As The World Turns in the role of Mike Kasnoff.

Mike comes back to Oakdale hoping for some closure with ex-wife Katie, but then finds himself in the middle of another on-again/off-again couple's relationship.

The role of the good guy contractor was previously played by Mark Collier from July 2002 until January 2007. (When the character slept with Carly the night before her wedding to Jack, was a candidate in Sage's Daddy Sweepstakes, married Jennifer while she was carrying Craig's baby, and finally wed Katie, only to take off over her feelings for ex-husband Simon.)

Before that, Shawn Christian was the original Mike from 1994 to 1997. Mike was in love with Rosanna, but accidentaly impregnated her long lost sister, Carly. Their baby girl, Nora, was stillborn.

Prescott, who has guest-starred on Las Vegas and CSI: New York, debuts on April 2.


Oakdalian said...

Any explanation as to why Mike is so much younger now?

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Mike Kasnoff returns with a passion for building green sustainable housing.

In other words, he is into recycling and turning old things new again.

Ergo the younger age.

teddymac said...


Oakdalian said...

P&G doesn't only give scripts to its actors, I presume!