Monday, February 04, 2008


Print out the pictures above, staple them together, and flip at your own speed to see Harley (Beth Ehlers) and Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) get it on.

Or just watch today's episode of GL. It comes with music, and your fingers won't get tired.


mysticgal said...

Ewwww! I don't want to see the skanky Aunt and the spineless theif get it on or take it off. They are gross. Harley the hypocrite and Cyrus the virus are disgusting. Total fast forward scens whenever they are on.

JosieKatz said...

WOW!!! This looks soooooooo hot. I can't wait to see this! Thanks for posting.

Lone Palm said...

Wow, Harley has really changed, and definitely NOT for the better! The stuff with Cyrus is nasty and I can understand the FF comment.

I am sooo glad Gus is no where near this storyline, and I pray he will never be thrown into any storyline with Hyrus (Harley=Cyrus)!

JosieKatz said...

LOL. Gus is doing soooooo much better being trapped in the most boring triangle ever. RME. Gus is unrecognizable these days. He is a watered down version of the man who came to Springfield all those years ago.

I think a Gus/Harley/Cyrus triangle would be great and just what Gus needs to get his mojo back. He needs to be saved from storyline hell.

supersage21 said...

Nasty. Why must TPTB constantly flirt with incestuous relationships? We've been through this with Reva, Cassie and Josh. We don't need a repeat.

Lone Palm said...

LOL, LOL, LOL...Gus in storyline hell? Not likely, Gus and Olivia are fantastic together, and I can't wait for next week!

Storyline hell...having an Emmy WINNING actress as your Leading Lady isn't exactly what I would call hell. *wink*

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