Monday, February 11, 2008


Ever wanted to experience Springfield from the inside out?

Guiding Light needs you to become a crucial member of our team!

We are looking for dedicated, passionate fans of Guiding Light to help us shape the next generation GL fan community!!

As you may know, Guiding Light will be undergoing some exciting changes beginning February 29th, and in conjunction, we will be launching a new and improved website to give you a more intimate, realistic view of all the happenings in Springfield!

As a valued and active member of our current fan community, Procter & Gamble Productions would like to invite you to become a leading force in the establishment of Springfield’s new multi-dimensional, interactive community!

Launching in March, this new, robust community section on will allow its members unprecedented access to the cast and crew of GL as well as the opportunity to build connections and network with other fans just like you!

Highlights of the community will include personal fan profiles, blogs, private groups, and the opportunity to win exclusive GL prizes!

Our viewers are of the highest value to us so we are establishing the Springfield community in hopes of bringing you as close to your favorite Guiding Light characters as possible.

To kick off, we’re inviting you to join the Guiding Light community with the special role of “ambassador”. As an ambassador, you will be given a vast array of special opportunities and privileges, including the opportunity to interact with your favorite GL actors! The ambassadors will act as the leaders and mentors of our community and will help us shape the way new and old fans alike share their love and appreciation for Springfield and its residents.

We feel with your support and knowledge of GL, we’ll be able to create the community and camaraderie you and all other Guiding Light fans deserve.

To learn more about becoming an ambassador for the new Guiding Light community, please email us at and tell us a little about yourself and why you should be a Guiding Light fan ambassador!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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