Thursday, February 19, 2015


Exactly a year ago, when I was interviewed about figure skating and the Sochi Olympics, the subsequent articles had so many factual mistakes in them that I made a game out of it and offered readers a free Figure Skating Mystery for every error they found.

Then, last month, a NY Post about my husband's and my NYC meet-cute got our ages and other details wrong. (Read it here.)

Now, on, I'm quoted in a post called Real Brides Talk: The Moment I Knew He Was the One:

Other men were lame in comparison.
Alina Adams knew she liked her boyfriend but wasn't sure if the relationship had legs until the pair double dated. The New York writer recalls, "That night I found myself watching my friend's boyfriend and thinking how annoying and lame he was, and how everyone I'd dated in the past was exactly like him." Then she looked at Dan and thought, "He is so, so much better." Sixteen years and three children later that is still how she feels!

What's true in the above paragraph? Well, the fact that, according to my husband, I am probably the most unromantic person ever - especially for a romance writer. And that I do still feel that way about my husband to this day.

What is not true in the above paragraph?

Who is Dan? I am not married to someone named Dan. There is no one named Dan in the above story. (Not even my friend's now ex-boyfriend.) And this was not a phone or in-person interview where the writer could have misheard. This interview was conducted via email. Where the heck did this "Dan" come from?

Now do you see why I never, ever, ever believe anything that is written about me - or anyone else - in the press? And why I stick to writing fiction, myself?

So now that you know how unromantic I am in real life, check out my romance novels. I promise, they are nothing at all like me. (Though, to be fair, in the book I am currently writing live online at, I did just author a marriage proposal that's a bit on the... unusual side. Let me know what you think at the link!)

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