Tuesday, October 07, 2014


As I am wont to do, I managed to sneak soap operas into my tip for finding your writer's voice at How To Write a Book.

Other authors actually look to their readers to find their voice. In a rather extreme example, Alina Adams, a New York Times best-selling author is actually asking her audience for feedback on voice, and writing to please her audience, in her new experimental writing project:

“If you want to write professionally, the only voice that matters is the one that sells. When I wrote tie-ins for the soap operas, As the World Turns and Guiding Light, I wrote not in my voice, but in the voice of the characters narrating the books. And those books became NYT best-sellers. Currently, I am taking writing to please an audience up a notch by producing my next book completely live online where readers can tell me which voice they prefer.”

Go to: www.AlinaAdams.com to learn more about the book I am writing live with reader feedback - in real time, and click here for more advice from authors on finding your voice.

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