Friday, July 18, 2014


Today is my husband's birthday. Today is also Dick Button's birthday. (To be clear, Dick Button is not my husband.)

However, I did have the honor of producing Dick Button's live Twitter commentary during the Sochi Olympics earlier this year.

It was an amazing experience. As I always tell people when they ask what it's like to work with Dick, "How often do you get to sit in the same room with a genius?"

So in honor of Dick's birthday - and my husband's - I have a special offer for my readers: Buy any one of my enhanced e-book Figure Skating Mysteries (you can use the handy links below, just click on E-BOOK), and I will send you a second enhanced e-book of your choice book absolutely FREE.

Email me at with a copy of your receipt from either Amazon or B&N and tell me which book you'd like to receive FREE, and I will send it to you next week. Offer good through Sunday, July 20.


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