Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The big plot twist on General Hospital last week was that Rafe died, and his heart did not go to Alice, who’d been waiting for a transplant since roughly around the same time as Rafe got into his fatal car accident.

Although GH was not the first soap to do an organ transplant story, it did boast, arguably, the best: 1994’s saga of little BJ Jones’ heart going to her dying cousin, Maxie.

This week for Entertainment Weekly, I rate soaps' transplant stories, featuring entries from current shows like GH, Y&R, B&B and DOOL, as well as gone but not forgotten ones like AMC, OLTL, GL, AW and more.

I also ask probing questions like: Are you obliged to fall in love with the person your donor loved? What happens when the donor loved you? Can donating an organ make up for past sins? And, most importantly, can a transplanted fetus be considered an organ?

Get the answers, as well as many more questions at:

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