Tuesday, June 17, 2014


When the website BombChelle asked what I do to beat the summer work slump, I opened up about my plans for a new project that's so off-the-wall, unprecedented and potentially career-destroying, that it scares the hell out of me.

Which is naturally, why I'm doing it.

My answer below:

As a freelance writer, when assignments slow down in the summertime (many of the blogs I contribute to regularly cut down on the number of posts during summer) I take advantage of the (relative) lull to try something truly outrageous and eye-catching. In a few weeks, for instance, I plan to write a romance novel totally live on-line. I don’t mean I’m going to post a new installment a day and let people comment on it. I mean I am literally going to use software where you can watch me type each word; mistakes, revisions, deletions, missteps and all.

Yes, I really am going to try this. And yes, I am going to do the whole thing live - including, for those who asked, the sex scenes.

Hope you'll join me!

Stay tuned for details!

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C. McLemore said...

Well....WOW!!!!!!! Sounds awesome though I may blush bco my modest self. Go for it. Have never heard of anyone doing this bimut cant wait to see it unfold.

BTW, is there a place where I can go to find ALL the Another World episodes? I have missed so many that I dont now know who some of the characters are.