Tuesday, June 03, 2014


A contemporary romance novel that I published with AVON in 1998, Annie's Wild Ride, is being re-issued as an e-book this summer.

It need a new cover. As you can see on the left, the old one wasn't much to crow about. It's the story of two Air Force pilots who can't live with each other - and can't live without each other. It takes place over the course of a decade and features a plane crash, plus many sex scenes, including one taking place on a Ferris Wheel (read it, here). So, naturally, the original artist illustrated it with a ducky. (Okay, okay, it's technically a carnival ride swan. But, around our house, it's known as the Pink Ducky Cover.)

This time around, I can pick the cover myself. But, alas, a director I worked with at ABC Sports once described me as a "visual wasteland."

She was not wrong.

I have no visual sense.

On the other hand, I am all about crowd-sourcing and reader feedback. It's why I am currently writing Counterpoint: An Interactive Family Saga, where readers tell me where they want the story to go - and I listen.

And why I am turning to you for help with the new cover for Annie's Wild Ride.

The Romantic Times review below gives a pretty good idea of the book's plot. So what do you think the cover should be? Please chime in at the Comments, preferably with links to covers you like that you think I should be inspired by.

You have no idea how much I'd appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!


Paul and Anne Gassbeck's marriage is technically over, but they still fight and compete. They have joint custody of the two Amelias (their 11-year-old daughter, and a Cessna 152). They have been locked in a highly competitive, intense relationship since they met at the Air Force Academy years earlier. For the most part, their legendary competition has brought out the best in each other, forcing them to achieve excellence. 

Conducting a marriage and two military careers tremendously strained their relationship. Paul's inability to convey emotion or his motives was a major factor in driving them to divorce. 

To live up to the custody agreement, Anne and Amelia fly home from their skiing trip a day early. An ice storm catches them mid-flight, causing Anne to crash land in the mountains. A badly injured Anne desperately tries to keep Amelia awake and conscious while waiting for rescue. Despite their remote location and the horrible weather, Anne knows that Paul will come for them. 

When Paul learns of Anne and Amelia's crash, he will sacrifice anything to find his family. For a man who has put duty, career and honor first, this is a life changing moment. He can only hope he will be in time. 

Using flashbacks, Ms. Adams does a marvelous job creating complex, emotional and driven individuals whose love/hate relationship dominates their lives. This is a terrific read and I look forward to seeing more from Ms. Adams in the future.

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