Thursday, December 05, 2013


My blog post for Kveller, 7 Tidbits That Will Make You See "The Sound of Music" in a New Light, featured the following fun fact: The nun who “interferes” with the Nazi’s carburetor is Anna Lee, later matriarch Lila Quartermaine on "General Hospital." (Read the entire article, including who tried to seduce who, which moppet almost drowned - and starved - and why the character we really should be worried about is Uncle Max, here.)

Now, in advance of NBC airing "The Sound of Music - Live" tonight at 8, are seven more tidbits - this time exclusively for soap fans, about the original Broadway musical, the movie, the stage revivals, and the TV remake:

1) You know Rolf, the evil teen Nazi who betrays the Von Trapps? In the original Broadway production he was played by Brian Davies, husband of the one and only, record Emmy winner Erika Slezak (Viki; OLTL). Read all about their marriage and family life, here.

2) Nicholas Hammond who played Friedrich in the movie (he's 14 and he's impossible!) also appeared as one of Holly's con-artist cousins, Algernon Durban, on "General Hospital" in 1985.

3) Laura Bell Bundy, "Guiding Light's" first teen Marah, toured the country with Marie Osmond as Maria, while Laura Bell moved up from role to role as she grew.

4) Ron Raines (Alan; GL) also toured with "The Sound of Music," but he stuck to one part, Captain Von Trapp for the duration of the run.

5) John Bolger (Phillip; GL, Gabe; AW, Malcolm; LOV, John; OLTL, Floyd; GH) will be on hand tonight as an Admiral.

6) The role of Kurt (he's incorrigible!) in the same production will be played by Joe West, son of Maura West (Carly; ATWT, Diane; Y&R and Ava; GH) and Scott DeFreitas (Andy; ATWT).

7) Maura's longtime co-star, Michael Park (Jack; ATWT) will appear as an Austrian Baron - so it's kind of a Carkjack reunion (almost)!


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