Friday, December 14, 2007


In the episodes of Another World currently airing on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel, Mitch Blake is suing Rachel and Mac Cory for custody of his biological son, Matthew.

What makes this more than just your average soap opera custody battle is that Matthew was conceived because Rachel slept with Mitch to prevent Mitch's girlfriend, Janice, from killing Mac. As Rachel told Mac on a recent episode, the boy only exists because of Rachel's love for Mac. (Has Sami Brady over on DOOL tried this line with Lucas? Because her rape by EJ and conception of little John Roman was pretty similar).

Under the circumstances, does Mitch deserve custody of Matthew? (And we're not even counting the hell he put Rachel through when she was wrongly convicted of his "murder.")

Other soap parents with dubious custody claims have included OLTL's Todd Manning. Sure Margaret raped him to become pregnant with Tommy (bet ATWT's Jack can relate). But Todd did try to kill both her and the baby by choking Margaret while she was carrying his child. Perhaps that makes him a less fit parent than Tommy's adoptive folks Marci and Michael McBain who... didn't.

The one custody dispute that I never got was Denise versus Holden and Lily on As The World Turns. Holden and Lily's real daughter, Faith, was switched at birth with little Hope. The Snyders raised her for almost a year before learning the truth. Though they got Faith back, both felt equally attached to Hope and wanted to keep her. However, Hope's biological mother, Denise, demanded the baby back. Which would have been fine, dandy and justified, if Hope had been kidnapped from Denise in the same manner as Faith had been from Lily and Holden. But Denise sold Hope. Voluntarily. To a nut-case like David Stenbeck. Why exactly did she deserve to get her child back?

I had similar (though less extreme issues) with ATWT's Molly. She claimed she should be allowed to keep her late husband, Jake's, daughters, Bridget and Michelle, because she'd been a mother to them for several months before Jake died, and love was more important than blood. At the same time, Molly was making a claim to keep her biological daughter, Abigail, despite the teen having lived with her adoptive parents for a good fifteen years. Because biology was more important than love? The inconsistency seemed a bit jarring.

Do you have a favorite daytime custody injustice? Let us know in the Comments below!


Roger said...

I don't have an answer to the question, but I do want to say that I enjoy the P&G Classic Soap Channel on AOL very much.

Annabel said...

I can't get the new episodes on the P&G Classic Soap Channel on AOL to load for me lately. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a solution? I love watching Another World and Search for Tomorrow and it's been frustrating the last several days not being able to watch the new episodes.

Gabrielle said...

PGP needs to create a classics soaps channel for television and/or make its soaps available for fans to purchase on dvd. The decline of quality programming on ABC's Soapnet, not to mention that network's decision to move further away from genuine soaps, has left a great void for fans of the real thing. Please P&G, consider creating your own cable channel of classic soaps and giving the fans what we've waited so long for----the chance to relive our stories again. We may not be the youngest demographic but we are surely the most loyal!

Shawn said...

I'd be happy to answer the question but like annabel I have been unable to view about the last dozen of videos posted, so as not to be 'spoiled' I didn't read the bulk of your blog. There are several comments in the comment section of the videos which state that others are having the same problem. Either the first chapter plays in an unending loop without ever finishing the ep or the episode cannot get passed the initial loading screen. IF I can get caught up on the episodes I'd love to come back and read the blogs and share some more relevant comments!