Monday, April 10, 2017


New York City Gifted & Talented scores came out last week. (For tips on how to get your child ready for testing next year, click here.)

Because so, so many more kids test gifted then there are G&T seats available for them, many parents, especially those of children who only qualified for District, rather than Citywide programs, are coming to me asking if a gifted program is worth it.

Here is an interview with a mom who opted for District G&T over General Ed: 

While this is a mom who turned down G&T in favor of a General Ed progressive option:

Finally, for those who either didn't qualify or didn't get into the G&T they wanted this year, this is how you reapply for next year:

And for every parent who asks me, "What's the best school?"

My standing answer is, "The best school is the school that's best for your child."

Have questions about your particular situation? Reach out to me at:

Good luck!


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