Thursday, January 28, 2016


Does it ever feel like some soaps tell the same stories over and over again?

For a Groundhog's Day post on Entertainment Weekly, I want to write about plots that get recycled (sometimes even with the same characters).

Which ones you like, and which you hope you'll never see again.

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Keith Alvarez said...

Some of the most recycled plots are the long-lost child the father never knew existed, the spouse who returns from the dead just in time to ruin their widow/widower's wedding, and someone changing the results of a paternity test in the hospital that never seems to have any security and always has easy access to the lab.

guy416 said...

If we could have a moratorium on "WTD" (Whose The Daddy??) for 3 to 6 months that would be awesome.

Daytime Drama was supposed to be for women. So can you tell me why these so called women never know who, when or where they slept with someone? Why in 2016 they don't control their own birth control decisions and respect their bodies? Why some characters are at 3 and counting for multiple kids with multiple fathers as if a woman in 2016 has no control on who she lies down with and what happens after she makes that choice. JUST UGH!!!!

BUT mostly if we could take 8 months of the Daytime Walking Dead and When Zombie Soap Characters Attack! General Hospital in 2014 had at least 6 people come back from the dead and now has a canvas in which less then 8 have never, not been declared or thought dead at some point. It's just pure lazy writing and makes the audience look like idiots. If you write a character into a corner and need to send him away for a spell then do it. Don't kill him and then go "My Bad" just kidding. There should be no one in Port Charles, NY that believes a person is dead until you poke them with a stick or personally bury the body.

It's almost like the movie Soapdish where the character was coming back and the EP reminded everyone that he died and had no head. Now have a child back on screen that his organs were donated to help save lives of other kids. But he's fine and no one is wondering then where did all those donated organs come from and are the people that received them just a little concerned.

So over Return from the Dead, WTD, Gunshot wounds that disappear, Endless amounts of disposable income without a lick of work ever being done. And this new ability to become a Detective without training on Y&R, a police cadet with full access to weapons and case load while still in the academy, (The Police Academy where you NEVER go to class) and becoming Doctors without completing the required steps. Wouldn't be surprised if College Student TJ on General Hospital whose a 2nd year student isn't a brain surgeon by May sweeps.

Want Daytime to become innovative, progressive and take charge of making soap opera's a leader not a reboot or remake of everyone's bad ideas from cancelled soap land past. The soap was cancelled for a reason, stop trying to join them

Bill C. said...

The Evil Twin. It's almost never implemented well, it tends to push the boundary of suspension of disbelief, and (depending on the show) it's a well they go to more often than they should.