Thursday, December 10, 2015


For my next Entertainment Weekly soap-opera post, I want to hear from you!

Last year, you shared your favorite soap-opera Christmas memories with me. (Read what those were, here.)

This year, I want to hear what gifts you'd give your favorite soap-opera characters, past and present.

Does DOOL's Abigail need fire-proof baby clothes?

Should GH's Jason find a lie-detector test under the tree?

Shock-absorbers for B&B's Ivy?

A lump of coal for Y&R's Victor? Billy? Phyllis?

Tell me in the Comments, below!


guy416 said...

#GH Sam: A new apartment, the return of Danny 1.0 and some paying detective work to keep her busy and Jason free.
#GH Quartermaine's the return of Brooklyn, Ned, Justus (everyone comes back from the dead) and a STORY LINE worthy of the Q greatness.
#GH Jason Quartermaine Morgan: A Fudgin Brain and his BS detector instincts back.

#YR Sharon: A job, brain, worthy story line and a home OFF the Newman ranch.
#YR Kevin: Get him off the bench. Play him or Release him.
#YR May New Billy and Current Adam be SHIRTLESS all year long. **okay that one is for the fans....

#Days: Brady, JJ, Abby, Eric A Brain!!
#Days: Nicole: a story line that doesn't revolve around getting, keeping, having, losing A MAN!
#Days: The return of some Horton's Scotty, Melissa, Sarah, David and especially Marie.
#Days: A new, new Phillip

#BoldandBeautiful: Storylines that don't involve the same 6 people SLEEPING WITH EACH OTHER live a revolving door. It's gross.

scoma60 said...

The Snowflake Ball just ended and everyone's left except Cass and Felicia. Cass is wearing his tux but unties his tie. Felicia is dressed to the nines with her matching boa.
They are dancing and laughing. They spend the evening recollecting on all the people who've come and gone from Bay City: Wally, Frankie,Mac,Iris,Lucas,Cecile.
Their emotions range from laughter,joy and sorrow.
Their gift to each other remains the same- utter devotion and support.Best Friends Forever.

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