Thursday, September 10, 2015


Last week on The Bold & the Beautiful, just as Ridge was telling Brooke that he broke up with the much younger Caroline because she wanted to have a baby and Ridge had secretly undergone a vasectomy, Caroline was hitting the sheets with Ridge’s son, Thomas (she blamed it on having taken some pills to relax and deal with Ridge’s rejection, but, you know what? It still counts).

Anyone want to guess where this is going? Anyone?

One can only hope that, when the inevitable happens, Ridge and Brooke, prior to getting on their moral high horses, will remember a time when Brooke slept with both Ridge and his dad, Eric, and wasn’t sure which one fathered her daughter, Bridget. (At first, the baby was believed to be Ridge’s, which is how she ended up with her name. Brooke + Ridge = Bridget. He raised her for several years, but then she turned out to be Eric’s, after all. This made Ridge and Bridget half-siblings. Later, everyone learned that Eric wasn’t Ridge’s biological father. So Ridge and the now-grown Bridget flirted with a romantic relationship. Which was icky on multiple levels. Like I said, not a lot of room for high-horses in the family’s stable.)

The Forresters, however, are hardly daytime’s first family when it comes to fathers and sons sharing women.

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