Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The very first book I ever published, The Fictitious Marquis, a Regency Romance for AVON in 1994, is finally coming out as an e-book.

As with my previous titles, I can't use the original cover art, and so need a new image.

The designer I'm working with sent me to istock.com.

In The Fictitious Marquis, the hero has red hair, and the heroine black - both are actually a story-point. Which was why I couldn't resist a sketch I found of a red-headed man talking to a dark-haired woman, and both of them in period dress, to boot! (What are the odds?)

The designer did a basic, low-res mock-up of what the cover might look like. Take a look below and let me know what you think, as I have no visual sense whatsoever.



Claudia Karabaic Sargent said...

I LOVE IT!!! The typeface and art are perfect together, especially the very creative ligatures in the type (where the letters join). The black background is dramatic and sets off the lovely artwork. VERY NICE!!!! I hope it does well for you!

Alina Adams said...

Thanks, Claudia, I was hoping you'd chime in - your opinion means a lot to me!