Monday, August 11, 2014


Charles Keating, the Emmy-winning actor who played Carl Hutchins on Another World on and off from 1983-1999, died this weekend.

Cast-mates including Linda Dano (Felicia), Alicia Coppola (Lorna) and Ricky Paul Goldin (Dean), shared their memories and tributes to the man over Twitter.

When Another World Today launched in 2009, Mark Pinter (Grant) recalled:

It was a great treat to be a part of the Another World family for almost ten years. I was very, very lucky. I got to work with some extraordinary people. I made life-long friendships from that show. Two of my best friends are Charles Keating (Carl) and David Hedison (Spencer). Charles lives ten minutes from me, I see him two, three times a week. Hedison was really my mentor. When I met him, we clicked immediately. Again, it was a case of me moving towards an actor who’d been around longer than I have. I see him as much as I can. David is 82 years old now and he wouldn’t mind me saying he looks extraordinary. He’s in great shape, great health. I love him dearly. As I do Charles. Charles is a one of a kind actor. Extraordinarily passionate, a beautifully gifted actor. And not just an actor, a writer, a composer. And then Vicky Wyndham (Rachel) lives in my town up here. All of these people, I took away from my time at Another World. It was a huge gift for me, more than just monetarily. It was a very important part of my career, and a very rich time in the history of Another World. I took away great memories.

To watch AW's final scene, featuring Wyndham and Keating, click here.

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