Thursday, May 08, 2014


The 1980s weren't just the golden years of daytime soaps (Luke & Laura on the cover of "People!") and nighttime soaps ("Who Shot JR?"), they were also prime-time for glossy, glitzy, decadent mini-series (plus a couple that actually had something serious to say).

Nowadays, when people talk about binge-watching, they mean on their own schedule.

But, thirty years ago, binge-watching meant clearing your social calender and committing to two (sometimes three) hours a night, for a week or more.

And then talking about it at the water-cooler the next day. (Or, in my case, at school.) VCRs were just becoming ubiquitous, so there was the slight possibility of spoilers. But most people watched live, and it became a countrywide event.

What was your favorite miniseries of the 1980s? Check out this round up I wrote of The Original Binge-Watching: Top 10 TV MiniSeries and share your thoughts in the Comments!

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