Thursday, January 16, 2014


It's here! All 5 books in the Alina Adams Figure Skating Mystery series are finally available in one volume, featuring all the text of the original Berkley Prime Crime paperback releases as well as the Ice Theatre of NY videos of the enhanced multimedia editions!

At only $9.99, Figure Skating Mystery (5 Books in 1) is cheaper than buying each title individually for $2.99 a piece.

Check it out on Amazon and B&N and get into the Olympic spirit!

Critical praise for Alina Adams Figure Skating Mystery series:

"Murder on Ice" mirrors events from the (2002) Winter Olympics. Corrupt judging, cutthroat battles between the skaters, and the behind-the-scenes viewpoint all help to add depth to this unique mystery.
- Roundtable Reviews

Adams uses her extensive knowledge of the real-life world of competitive figure skating to create a very realistic background for this murder - and possible blackmail - mystery, complete with hints of dark humor. A likable, down-to-earth heroine makes this a must-read for cozy mystery fans with a fascination for figure skating.
- Romantic Times Magazine

The book nails a triple Axel... in its description of the beautiful but bizarre world of figure skating, where skating talent is only the beginning of the package necessary to make it big. Female skaters, especially, need a pretty face and a good story to hold the public’s interest, and millions of dollars in ice shows and product endorsements can be at stake. Adams’ expertise is obvious, as is her exasperated affection for the sport.

Adams... has the wacky, incestuous world of skating down cold - from Russian coaches to skating moms to groupie fans to prepubescent stars.
- Philip Hersh, Chicago Tribune

If you are even a casual fan of figure skating, you will love this book.
- The Romance Readers Connection

Fans of figure skating will laugh out loud at the descriptions of the skaters, attitudes, costumes and stunts. Non-fans will revel in the finely crafted mystery. Bex Levy is a great protagonist who is prone to talking to herself, putting her foot in her mouth, and slashing at people with blades of sarcasm. Alone, the humor in ON THIN ICE makes it a good book; combined with the interesting characters and suspense, it is a great book.
- The Best Reviews

Hot blood runs rampant in the ice cold world of figure skating. No one knows this better than Rebecca "Bex" Levy, junior researcher for a 24/7 Sports New York cable network. The plucky, self-deprecating heroine of On Thin Ice, the second installment in Alina Adams' unique new series, knows that the cutthroat road to gold medal glory is long and arduous and filled with the drama of bitter rivalries, overbearing moms and dads and contentious coaches who will stop at nothing to get their latest skating prodigy one triple Axel closer to the top of the heap.
- Mystery Ink

Alina Adams certainly knows her stuff (being a real-life TV researcher just like her heroine) and this shows, always a good thing…. There is some fine satire in here, and Alina Adams is adept at portraying typical skating types and typical skating fans. Perhaps what I enjoyed the most here was the delineation of modern Russia, and the vast difference between the country today and how it was back when Igor defected to the US…. The whole (plus the fairly intricate plot) makes for a good tale to please a skating fan who enjoys a good whodunit too.

This series is light reading, with a lot of self-deprecating humor tossed in by the protagonist, Bex Levy. I like the returning characters with all of their quirks, and the light sense of romance that is included, as well as the eye-opening information and the behind-the-scenes look at a popular sport.
-Gumshoe Reviews

Funny, outrageous, scandalous and chaotic, Adams' books are a guilty pleasure - a glimpse into the crazy side of figure-skating rendered with cutting wit and ever more bizarre soap opera turns. The characters are vividly rendered and often larger than life… Overall, a satisfying - and very swift - read. It's amazing to me that Adams can turn out multiple books with this energy. It must be exhausting to write.
- Goodreads