Monday, August 19, 2013


Allow me to turn gushy fan girl for a moment.

Motherhood in NYC is one of my favorite blogs, and Marinka one of my favorite bloggers.

I was very honored when she used her amazing humor and wit to interview me about subjects we had in common, including Soviets... and soaps.

Read an except below, and make sure you check out Marinka's blog for the entire interview... and more!

Marinka: You and I are both married to American men. Did you date Russian men while growing up in America? Did you shun them?

Alina: The same way that having a Russian American Jewish heroine is unusual in romance literature, having a Russian American Jewish me is unusual… everywhere. I didn’t so much shun Russian men as stun them. My ambition to work in TV (soap operas, to be precise) was beyond their comprehension. The fact that I actually then went ahead and did it, moving away from the city where my parents still live and then not calling them several times a day to reassure that I had not been kidnapped merely added to my air of peculiarity (while working in TV figure skating, I not only left the city, I left the country, flying alone to places like Japan, France, Italy and Russia, for Pete’s sake! Also without calling to check in every day). Add to that the fact that my tendency to say anything that pops into my head at a given moment meant that I would never be able to get through even an introductory meeting with a prospective Russian Jewish mother-in-law without putting my foot in my mouth, and American men quickly became my only option.

Read the complete interview at:

And check out an exclusive preview of "To Look For You," my short story in "The Mammoth Book of ER Romance" featuring a Russian Jewish American heroine in the post just below this one!

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