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For 70 years, the town of Springfield has been kept afloat through the devotion of Guiding Light's many millions of fans.

In celebration of their milestone anniversary, the historic daytime drama has chosen to thank the American people for their decades of support by helping to build up the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged cities of the Gulf Coast -- and more.

To that end, GL announced a year-long partnership with Hands On Network, a nonprofit of 64 volunteer organizations focusing primarily on raising the level of volunteerism across the U.S.

"Seventy years ago Irna Phillips created Guiding Light with one fundamental theme in mind, 'the brotherhood of man,' "” says Ellen Wheeler, Guiding Light'’s Executive Producer. "We're hoping that this theme and the show's commitment to Hands On Network will resound with our viewers and motivate people to be the change they wish to see in their communities."”

To kick-off this campaign, Guiding Light will shut down production in their New York studio during their anniversary week of January 22-26, 2007 and take the entire cast and crew to the Gulf Coast. Guiding Light's crew will film cast members at work and viewers will get the chance to see the results in a special episode airing on Wednesday, February 14, 2007.

Following the week in the Gulf Coast, Guiding Light cast members will travel to a different city each month, encouraging their fans to volunteer alongside them.

If you would like to hammer with Harley or rebuild with Reva, please consider volunteering at one or several of the below volunteer locations:

2-24-07 Atlanta, GA Hands On Atlanta
3-31-07 Norfolk, VA Volunteer Hampton Roads
4-21-07 New York City New York Cares
5-4 to 5-5-07 Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Cares
6-2-07 Los Angeles, CA L.A. Works
7-14-07 New Orleans, LA Hands On New Orleans
8-18-07 St. Louis, MO St. Louis Cares
9-29-07 Nashville, TN Hands On Nashville
10-27-07 New York City New York Cares
11-3-07 Miami, FL Hands On Miami
12-2007 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Volunteer Central

And make certain you tune into the show on January 3, 2007. This pay-it-forward styled episode will launch Guiding Light's yearlong Find Your Light theme.

Springfield is mysteriously bestowed with good fortune and the residents are surprised to learn how each of their solitary acts of kindness were passed on to others and ultimately made a meaningful impact on the town.

This theme harkens back to the roots of Guiding Light, and the very timely notions of community and brotherhood.

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