Tuesday, October 03, 2006


By the late 1970s, AW's Rachel Cory may have been a socially upstanding wife, mother and artist, but she knew a thing or two about trashy, opportunistic social climbers. After all, she'd been one. Rather recently.

So when, in 1978, her son, Jamie, returned from a summer working on a ranch in Wyoming with a dark-haired, sexy, hungry schemer named Blaine Ewing in tow, Rachel knew exactly who she was seeing: Herself. With an accent.

When Jamie and Blaine married, Rachel first cut them off financially, then hired Blaine's ex-boyfriend, Buzz, to lure her back to Wyoming. Eventually, Jamie and Blaine's marriage managed to fall apart all on its own.

But Blaine wasn't done with Bay City yet. Though for noble reasons (to protect her cop brother, Larry, from mobster Jordan), Blaine married innocent cop turned lawyer Jerry -- all the while toying with Jordan in an attempt to bring him down.

As we pick up our story on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, Blaine is trying to juggle both men, marrying Jerry (against his mother's wishes -- she even consulted Rachel about it!) and agreeing to work for Jordan at his club.

How will her tightrope walk turn out? Tune in and see!

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