Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I have made no secret of my love for Sidney Sheldon. (Well, all of his work up to Windmills of the Gods, that is.)

I read my first book by him, Master of the Game, when I was 13, and it basically changed the trajectory of my life. I decided I wanted to be Sidney Sheldon when I grew up, and I have been feebly trying to achieve that goal, ever since.

Another favorite of mine is his con-artist romance, If Tomorrow Comes. I also read it in high-school, which means it also left a big impression on me.

Now, there is a newly released sequel, Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow by Tilly Bagshawe (because why let a little thing like the original author being dead stop you from extending the series?).

It's a fine follow up. Except for one thing.

If Tomorrow Comes was published in 1985, and based on the technology, the politics and the fashions, we can assume that the action took place in the mid-1980s.

Chasing Tomorrow picks up with the last scene from the first book. Only now the heroine, Tracy, makes a reference to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia did not exist in the mid-1980s.

We have jumped ahead in time 24 years, without anyone aging more than a day. Am I the only person this upsets deeply?

Check out the book for yourself by clicking the link below:

And the original:

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