Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Some mothers and daughters share clothes. Some share men. On Days of Our Lives last week, Eve slept with JJ, her daughter Paige’s boyfriend. This budding (love? hate?) triangle is hardly the first of its kind. Join us now for a trip down memory lane with 10 soaps that took the concept of mother lovin’ to a whole new level!


1) Days of Our Lives

Eve/JJ/Paige have nothing on Addie/Doug/Julie. Actors (and real-life husband and wife) Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes even made the cover of Time Magazine in 1976 in tribute to all their onscreen suffering. Their characters, Doug and Julie, were all set to get married, but then they had a fight. So Doug married Julie’s mother instead. Addie got pregnant, was diagnosed with leukemia, gave birth to a daughter, Hope, went into remission, then got hit by a truck and died. Solved that problem.

2) General Hospital
Angry at your mom for putting you up for adoption? Seduce her husband! What? That’s what Carly did. And everything was going swimmingly, too, until that pesky one-night stand with AJ. The consequences of that (named Michael) are still playing out onscreen today.

More examples from Y&R, B&B, AMC, GL, ATWT and more, plus your chance to tell us your favorites at:


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