Friday, September 25, 2009


This week, at, the only officially sanctioned continuation of Guiding Light:

Rick and Mindy exchanged vows in front of friends and family.

The wedding portrait-taking culminated with little Jude leading everyone in a chant of "Bauer Power."

Billy, Vanessa, Ed, Bill, Beth and Michelle offered toasts - some heartfelt, some hilarious, but Phillip (who Beth confessed had been acting rather strangely since they passed the one year mark of Alan's death) presented the newlyweds with their most symbolic token - a pair of live Palomino ponies!

At the reception, Leah flirted with both Jason and Kevin Marler, to Mindy's dismay, Ed told Maureen stories about her namesake, and Roxie Shayne met the canine Roxy Spaulding.

Mindy and Rick were just getting ready to ride off into the sunset - literally - on Phillip's wedding gift, when Lizzie's water unexpectedly broke and the entire family headed off to the hospital instead.

Check out for more details on the festivities, and don't forget to tune in on Monday to find out what happens next!

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