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Where Are They Now: Harley Jane Kozak (Brett, TEXAS; Annabelle, GL)

The PGP/AOL Classic Soap Channel is currently screening episodes of "Texas," an "Another World" spin-off that ran on NBC from 1980 to 1982. One of the cast-members (1981-1982) was Harley Jane Kozak. She went on to appear in the feature films "When Harry Met Sally," "Parenthood," "Arachnaphobia," and "The Favor" (alongside a very young Brad Pitt). PGPClassicSoaps caught up with Harley to find out What She's Doing Now...

PGP: "Texas" was your first soap. How did that part come about and what were your impressions of daytime when you started?
HJK: I hadn't watched soaps since childhood, with my Grandma, and thought they still had bad sound effects and organ music. Was I shocked! This was the Luke and Laura days over at GH, so soaps were experiencing a renaissance. I got the job the usual way -- auditioning. It was the job that kept me from having to go back and wait tables, so it was a very big deal.

PGP: Your character was involved in a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" type story, with puzzle cubes, and mummified bodies and such. What was that like?
HJK: Yes, my character, Brett Wheeler, rich girl/geologist, was involved in a haunted Native American burial ground storyline. It was
called Hi-To-Pah. I remember I had to act with snakes. But the costumes were cool -- lots of hip kakhi -- and we got to shoot some location sequences in Palm Springs, which was my first time in California. Heaven!

PGP: Do you still keep in touch with any of the actors from your "Texas" days?
HJK: Only Michael Woods (ex-Jim, GL), (who played) my brother, and Gail Kobe, our executive producer. I run into Pamela Long (Ashley, TEXAS; ex-GL Headwriter) every decade or so. And (ATWT Executive Producer) Chris Goutman (George, TEXAS) is still on the Christmas card list too.

PGP: You went on to "Santa Barbara" and "GL," so you must have liked the daytime genre. What about it appealed to you?
HJK: Well, the fact that someone offered me a job was very appealing! It's very hard for an actor to say no, but ultimately I did, after "Santa Barbara" (ed. note: Where Harley played ex-nun Mary, who was squashed to death by a giant letter "C"). But I had really great times on all three shows, and with the intense storylines, wonderful co-stars and writers. My training had been all about stage and the theatre, so this was a sort of "graduate school" that taught me how to work in TV, which is a very different animal.

PGP: How did you make the transition from actor to writer? Do you use your acting background in creating characters, dialogue, etc...
HJK: I was in my mid-30's and taking writing classes because I'd always loved writing and have always written compulsively. I started to get less interesting parts as I hit forty, and then I had 3 kids in 2 years, so that REALLY put a damper on my acting career. When children #2 and #3 were still infants, I sold DATING DEAD MEN in a 2-book deal and that was it: instant career change. Yes, acting helps in dialogue, and also in putting myself emotionally into the situation of the characters, and seeing the details they see. I think the details come easily to me; it's the big stuff, the overall plot that I have to sweat blood over.

PGP: Will your your books appeal to soap opera fans?
HJK: The upcoming one, DEAD EX (due out next August) is set in the world of soaps, specifically a soap called AT THE END OF THE DAY. I hope they'll like that!

PGP: You told me you still watch soaps to this day. What do you think of them now?
HJK: I turn them on -- well, okay, I turn on "Guiding Light," at least -- when I'm in the kitchen, either cooking or baking or pretending to write. If I'm writing, I have to turn it off because it's too distracting, but I must say, I do get sucked in. Mostly it comforts me, watching my old friends still on the show. It's just a feeling of "family" that makes me happy. I don't care what the storyline is. I am continually amazed by how good the acting is, though, and how much those actors put themselves out there, day after day, year after year.

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