Thursday, April 14, 2011


I got nothing to say, ABC...


Tyrus said...

whoa. I thought we'd jumped the hurdle on this one. They were denying the rumors right up until... they canceled both shows.

HEATHER said...

I'm stunned! I knew that ratings for OLTL were not great but AMC?! Shocked!

Matthew W. Grant said...

I say the same thing to ABC that I said to the president of CBS in a letter when CBS cancelled ATWT and GL.

It is an asbolute absurdity that the network's promotional department can't figure out how to market shows that have been on for so many years and are literally recognized by every person in America and by countless other people around the entire world.

Really, aren't they a brand marketers dream?

The next step is to figure out the real audience and forget the nonsense of the Nielsen ratings which are antiquated, to say the least. Nielsen Ratings were barely adequate back in the 70's when there was no other way to measure audiences, but with today's technology including Tivo, online DVR, cable, and even Netflix if they streamed episodes through them, ratings can be calculated accurately almost to an exact number.

I could say so much more, but really, does it ever sink in with these people?

Next year, they'll all be shocked, yes SHOCKED when the GH ratings drop after they've left the show as an island in the ABC daytime schedule.

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