Friday, June 25, 2010



Unsure of what to do when Gregory Hudson's mother, Sharlene, called to beg them to talk Gregory out of refusing medical treatment for his brain tumor, Mindy and Rick thought back over other people they'd known who'd gone the same route.

Rick remembered his cousin Johnny, who turned to holistic remedies and prayer for his cancer, and Richard Winslow, who'd begged Reva to end his suffering, and whose heart Rick ended up receiving in a life-saving transplant.

They spoke to Buzz and Ed, both of whom had once made the choice to take their loved ones - Coop and Eve, respectively - off life support.

Ultimately, Mindy decided to call Gregory directly and ask what he wanted Rick and Mindy to tell his son about him.

To read what Buzz, Ed and Gregory said to Mindy, go to: (remember, Twitter posts backwards, with the newest post on top)

For more on what Gregory intends to do, go to:

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