Friday, March 23, 2007


(We're not giving background on #55: Josh learns about Reva's cancer, since it aired within the past year).

A.C. Mallet was Harley Cooper's instructor at the Springfield Police Academy. They fought, they bantered, they fell in love -- though both were particularly loathe to express the sentiment out loud.

But then, while investigating a murder, Harley got locked in a root cellar by the killer during a snowstorm. It was quite cold. Mallet came to her rescue, but Harley developed hypothermia and, delirious, blurted out that she loved him. What man could resist?

Was Harley and Mallet's root cellar adventure GL's Greatest Moment ever? Watch it on and vote!


Mike said...


Mike said...

I am really enjoying all the P&G episodes, especially Another World. I noticed Episode 4126 and 4127 is the same, except 4127 is shorter. Both are October 6, 1980. That means the real Episode 4126, October 3, 1980, is missing. Is this going to be fixed? I hope so because I'd really like to see the October 3, 1980 episode.

What happened to Episode 4090? That's the only other AW episode missing so far. Was the tape damaged or is the episode completely missing from P&G's archives? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the great work. I'm really enjoying this blog and the P&G/AOL venture.